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How to Avoid Scams



Most dogs can’t be shipped anyway!!!

Always try to buy Local in your state!!

Don’t meet on the side of a road to purchase!!

Feel comfortable with your decision !!

There aren’t beautiful healthy puppy for the outrageous low prices they advertise!!

Do they have References / Testimonials ? A health guarantee contract ?

HAVE A INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION over the phone , not just emails or text before deciding on sending a deposit.

Beware of a fake web pages!! If they have a website it should have several links and look professional!!

Never fall for “ We will give you the puppy for Free , all you need to do is pay for shipping !!

Beware of sad story emails about wanting to help people, church groups about giving you a puppy, or absurd low prices.

Never use Craigslist to find a legitimate Breeder!!!

If the seller/breeder is not located in the US, avoid it.

Do an internet search of the picture of the pet you are considering. If the same picture appears on multiple websites, you may be dealing with a fraud. You also can search for text from ads or testimonials to see if the seller copied it from another site.

• Never pay a stranger with a money order or through Western Union or Money gram , Never pay with gift cards, Bitcoin!!

• Research prices for the breed you are interested in adopting. If someone is advertising a purebred dog for free or at a deeply discounted price, you could be dealing with a fraudulent offer.

Sketchy payment. The seller asks for wiring of money or payment by gift cards. Be aware that if you choose a non-secure method of payment, it is highly unlikely that you will get your money back.

What if you have been a victim of a puppy scam?

• File a report with BBB’s Scam Tracker

• Complain at

• Complain to the Federal Trade Commission. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP

• Homeland Security Investigations at the Department of Homeland Security also handles international fraud. Call 866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423) (from U.S. and Canada)

• In Canada, call the Canadian Antifraud Centre: Toll Free 1-888-495-8501

•If you sent money through Western Union, MoneyGram or a Green Dot MoneyPak, contact those companies directly for information about the transactions. They also download their complaints into the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel database, which police around the country can access.

Green Dot 800-795-7597
Western Union 1-800-448-1492
MoneyGram 1-800-926-9400

Also You Should File a police report in the city you live or sent off money.
Contact your bank and file a claim immediately!!