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Recommended Supplies

General Outline for the First 10-14 Days:


  • Dry Food I’m giving you is – ” Breeder Feed stay on for 1st week!! and then transition to Royal Canin Small Breed Puppy Organic Food.
  • Please give 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup of food 2-3 times a day. SOAK dry food in a cup of warm water to soften, for the first 3 weeks or so.
  • Soft food or can food: You can mix in a little “Lil Cesar” like 1/4 of the tray, with each feeding for the first 5 days.

Notes & Advice:

  • Please limit playtime/exercise for the first 7-14 days to 15-45 minute sessions. You don’t want to tire your new puppy out. Make sure your puppy pee’s and poops every day. Also make sure their stool is mostly formed, you should never see constant diarrhea, or a slimy stool.
  • Please leave food and water with your new puppy overnight for the first several days as your new puppy is going through a little stress and anxiety about being in a new environment without their siblings. The puppies tend to eat more at night during the first week. Strong and consistent, then we advise to pick up food and water around 8 pm. After you feel their appetite is strong and consistent, begin to pick up food around 8 pm.
  • Pet Store Supplies to purchase or order:

Small puppy bed, Safe teething bone “Antler’s are good” Puppy Pads. Baby wipes or Puppy wipes, paper towels, Small toys to play with & some to cuddle with Food and Water dishes, small but heavy (ceramic style) pet brush, also buy a PET CARRIER for traveling to Vet.

Pee-Pad holder.

Any shampoo with oatmeal base is safe but please don’t get any water near their ears, nose, or eyes. Always blow dry from a distance until completely dry!!

Training: Buy from ( or you can buy the new Puppy Play Pen, train indoors for the first 21 days, then start to take outside in the grass, morning, afternoon, & at night!!

Be Prepared for your new Baby !!! has it’s own floor, easy maintenance!! Makes your training easy until there mature enough to hold there movements for several hours at a time.. then they can hopefully go outside like 3 times a day. Examples of the 45 inch puppy Training playpen sold on or only like $35 to $40.

Great place holder while your at work , everything is in there for the puppy,until you feel like your new puppy can be trusted to roam the house freely !! there happy in there rather than a cage where there confined to much !! after 30 days you probably won’t need the playpen.

Our Recommended Dry – Food Royal Canin is the Company! .. buy just 1 bag pertaining to your breed you purchased from us. Organic small breed puppy food to transition to, or go with what ever company you prefer to feed.

Royal Canin Small Puppy Dry Dog Food

Sometimes soft food recommend to mix with dry-food over 1st week or so.I would only by a 12 pack of this Lil Cesar as eventually they goto dry-food only.

Bil-Jac Little-jacs Small Dog Treats very safe.

Your dog we love them trust Me !! Please Break down into real small pieces first on a cutting board and store into a zip lock bag before giving!!

Our Highlighted Recommended Toys & Supply’s Below:Of course get other things like, a small food & Water bowl, other toys etc..

Cinch by dexbaby Plush Sleep Aid Womb Sound Soother – Teddy Bear Best thing for puppy to help with crying, buy this exact toy.. something that plays music, vibrates, etc. relax’s your new puppy

Long Rich All Season Rectangle Pet Bed

Teething Bone “Antlers” Doesn’t dissolve and they usually don’t teethe long anyway. Get a few other teething toy’s as well as long as there safe.

Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads for All Dog Sizes – Super Absorbent and Won’t Leak: Odor Eliminating Lavender Scent, Unscented, and Quilted Plus

Great Shampoo for Yorkies, Morkies, & Shih’Tzu.

Great Shampoo for Maltese.

Great Brush for all of our puppy’s.

Tips for keeping small breeds doing great 1st Week.

These supply’s below are not always needed !! I only recommended buying the Nutri-Cal.

Also sometimes it’s good to take a pro-active approach with extra supplements on the T-cup’s even if there eating great..

” Nutri-Cal ” Great for keeping sugar & Iron Levels High.Very easy to give a finger portion into the mouth 2 x a day.. Morning & Night ..

Karo Corn Syrup ” (GOOD FOR KEEPING SUGAR LEVEL HIGH)Most of the time Karo not needed though !! Please give 1/4 to 1/2 of a CC of honey only 1 time a day if you see tour puppy acting lethargic, or can’t stand up etc.… I will sometimes recommend on certain T-cup’s when they go Home for 1st week.

Beech-Nut Classics Stage 1 Beef & Beef Broth Baby Food, 2.5 oz.
Usually will tear into this particular baby food.. Good for iron as well.. Just another option if your new puppy is being finicky or not eating as much as you would like especially

Very easy to give a finger portion into the mouth 2 x a day.. Morning & Night .. sold everywhere online and Vet office’s.

Should not need these 2 can foods.. but good education if you need to get it.These 2 are Sold at local Vet office’s only not in store’s.. like $3 per can.. good for small breed puppy’s that are Finky eater’s !! Also whats great about these are, you can pull into a syringe as well.. Just another option if your new puppy is being finicky or not eating as much as you would like !!