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Sales Agreement Form

Deposit Information / Deposit’s are Optional

1st Call Justin @(770-527-7295) for all details about our puppy’s and to go over all questions & concerns about actually purchasing from us. If after that conversation and we are all on the same page, we will discuss the instructions about sending a deposit and making sure you have a full receipt about exactly what we are agreeing to. Our preference for a potential buyers wanting to reserve and place a deposit for one of our puppies are as follows: Bring over the deposit directly or we offer other electronic options if they’re more convenient, see down below!! By placing a deposit of $150.00 on one of our puppy’s, that will guarantee you either first choice, second choice etc… depending on the time we receive your deposit , and the amount of puppy’s still available in the litter. It allows you more of a choice !! We do speak to a lot of potential buyers and for the most part our puppy’s are reserved in advance of them being old enough to go home. Potential buyer’s are allowed to handle our puppy’s after they have received there second puppy shot. Any deposit made on your puppy will go towards your puppy’s asking price and will be subtracted off the total. If you prefer to make payments in between your puppy’s pick up date you can do that, but it is not required. Deposit’s can be made with, either me in person, or by sending a personal check, or sending a money order by U.S. mail, or using the “Zelle Quick Pay App”, or “The Cash App”. Deposit’s are non-refundable!! No exceptions will be made. The reason for this is that we are holding your puppy and possibly turning away other potential buyer’s. Sometimes emergency’s come up, work related, Health Related problems, family etc… If you are not ready for your puppy when the agreed upon date is set, then we will still give you a $150.00 credit towards a future litter of your choice and timing. The original buyer has up to 6 months from the original deposit date to use this credit for no less then the original sale price of the puppy. Furthermore the original buyer agrees and understands if our asking price has increased then the original buyer, to use their deposit credit, must adhere to our current asking prices. During certain times of the year : (Christmas for example) or our price’s change, and if our price’s change or the puppy is more then the buyer’s original litter, then the buyer must adhere to that asking price.

To finalize and reserve your puppy a $150 deposit is required and you must fill out our sales agreement. There are no returns or refunds for deposits or sales. (Deposit’s are optional not mandatory)

Fill out sales agreement & Bring with you on Pickup


Before Sending Deposit make sure to call Justin@ 770-527-7295 to go over all details, and any questions you have. Also very important for new potential buyers to check out all of our Testimonials/References

Use my cell number 770-527-7295 to add me in the first box, then put my name Justin Daniels , then click add. Now I’m in your Profile to send. As soon as you send Zelle deposit, I will immediately confirm that I received your payment

My Cash App name is $Justintasha1996
As soon as you send Cash App deposit, I will immediately confirm that I received your payment. If you don’t have Cash App yet , click the link below and we both will get a $10 Credit. Simply follow link instructions.

If you’re sending a personal check or money order by mail, that’s totally fine..
Make it payable to “ Justin’s T-cup & Toy Puppy’s “ in the amount for $150..
Additionally please text Justin at 770-527-7295 a picture of the check or money order as it is made out.
That way I will count that as a in hand deposit as I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail .
Of course I will call you as I receive it.