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Hey I’m Justin !!   ( BTW .. My Favorite Page on my Website )

After Several years of bringing joy & blessings of our fur Baby’s, I do ask all of my family’s to keep in touch after purchasing and most of them do !! I get text & e-mail updates all of the time. It makes me so proud that so many family’s would take the time and appreciate the baby they purchased from me. My families really love to brag , & refer people as well. As you can tell with all the cute pic’s below. Also in some cases will a lot of families get another puppy from me.

This page is for you guys!! It’s long over due!!

It really makes my day when I hear how are beautiful baby’s are progressing in there new homes. Hopefully this page will help new potential family’s looking to add a sweet new puppy into there home make a decision with confidence !! I am a resource before & after your purchase , and try to go above and beyond other breeders in my opinion. I try to work with everyone’s price range within reason , to bring them the joy of dog ownership. Always prepare everyone with the needed supplies, and what to expect after purchase in the future.

With anything your not going to satisfy everyone , but I try to meet everyone’s expectations on what your looking for in your new puppy. There is no pressure to buy!! but my baby’s are irresistible !! I am more than Fair with everyone, but also I have learned I need to be Firm in some cases.

Of course after going through my references, if you decide you want to setup a visit, or possibly take home a puppy, or even reserve a particular puppy in advance or first pick, You can !! FYI early deposits on future litters are optional, but I always expect to have all of my puppies find great homes really fast. I receive calls, texts, and emails every day.

Also in a lot of cases these previous buyers have done early deposits as well for us to hold there choice until they can pickup.

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